In order to eliminate the need for physical interaction, Smackdab riders will be able to complete and validate their ride all on their own. This year only, there will be no morning meeting, no sign-in station, no Trail Boss, and no group photo. The validation process this year will be entirely “virtual.”

This article is just a brief synopsis of the process. Within the next few days, a PDF document containing complete, detailed instructions will be E-mailed to all registered participants at the address they specified when they filled out their registration form.

DEPARTURE: Have a camera or cell phone with you when you show up at the monument Saturday morning. A Smackdab banner will be on display somewhere at the monument site. Take a picture of you and your bike, including the banner somewhere in the background as proof that it was taken that morning. Text the photo to the special mobile number that will be e-mailed to registered riders. Riders are on their honor not to depart prior to official dawn, which is @ 5:34 AM. (If you do not have a cell phone or cannot text a photo, instructions will be included how to alternately E-mail or mail in your photo.)

ARRIVAL: Text another photo of you and your bike at the monument in Rugby and submit it prior to 10:30 PM Saturday night. If are not able to text a photo before the deadline, you can submit your photos along with an original, machine-printed cash register receipt from any business in Rugby, time-stamped between 4PM-10:30PM Saturday.

That’s it! The PDF document being sent out also will also include the mail-in form for ordering patches and being added to the official finishers’ roll.

NOTE: A couple of people registered with invalid E-mail addresses. If you registered and don’t receive your instructions by June 7th, please E-mail to request one.