Before-and-after group photos of Smackdab 2024

The tenth edition of Smackdab was commemorated with special Tenth Anniversary signage and free souvenirs. Nearly ideal weather, clear roads, great hospitality at both ends, and lots of friendly camaraderie made this truly a year to remember. All but two of the 99 starters successfully completed the ride — one hundred if you count Hank C., our first canine finisher. This year, we gained new members in the 250cc or Less, 25 Years Or Older, and 5X Finisher clubs. Pat M. of Damascus, Virginia rode the smallest displacement bike in Smackdab’s history, a 125cc 2019 Honda Monkey. He covered the 675 miles in about 15½ hours, making him only the second rider to earn a “250cc or Less” rocker tab for his finisher’s patch. We also had our first Rugby residents participate in the ride — nine in all.