“With limitation is born the challenge.”

— Greek proverb

One of the aspects of The Smackdab Run that differentiates it from other long-distance motorcycling challenges is the requirement to ride a specific route, on a specific day. Smackdab isn’t an unreasonably dangerous or arduous pursuit, but it is by no means a “gimmie.” The satisfaction of wearing the Smackdab finisher’s patch is rooted in enduring and overcoming whatever weather and road conditions that particular day metes out to participants.

However, in some cases, participants who undertake the ride are unable to finish within the time limit despite heroic efforts, or because continuing the ride would endanger someone’s health or well-being. Smackdab is supposed to be fun; finishing not worth taking reckless risks. In these cases, upon request and at my sole discretion, riders who fail to complete the ride by dusk may be granted the following accommodations.

They WILL:

  • Receive special recognition by name on the Smackdab finishers’ log website page.
  • Be given opportunity to purchase the Smackdab patch.
  • Be encouraged to wear or display their patch proudly.

Their ride will NOT:

  • Be included in the official count of successful finishers.
  • Count toward earning their Repeat Finisher tab.

I hope through this policy to recognize and reward these participants’ efforts, while not diluting the accomplishment of others who successfully complete the ride “by the book.”

— Pete Zilliox, organizer/founder