With the exceptionally fierce storm riders faced in North Dakota this year, I understand why many riders felt it was wise to stop and seek shelter, and I also understand why a number of people have suggested that these efforts should “count.” Well, there is past precedent for this situation.

Participants who made it to North Dakota on Saturday and completed the ride to Rugby on Sunday WILL:

  • Receive special recognition by name on the Smackdab website, upon request. (Look at the bottom of last year’s results for an example.)
  • Be given opportunity to purchase the Smackdab patch.
  • Be encouraged to wear or display their patch proudly.

Their ride will NOT:

  • Be included in the official tally of successful finishers.
  • Count toward earning their Repeat Finisher tab.

I think this fairly balances the efforts of these riders and the accomplishment of those who endured the hellish conditions and successfully finished before dusk on Saturday.

The full text of the policy can be read here: