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Smith Center Supports 2016 Ride

Google Street View image
Google Street View image

The American Legion Riders in Smith Center have agreed to host a cookout dinner for Smackdab riders on Friday evening. Stay tuned for more details or call Stan Smith at 785.282.6644 for more info.

Stan Smith is the owner of the Buckshot Inn in Smith Center. He has asked to be our official departure motel. He’s a fellow rider and doing his best to promote the ride and responsible for arranging the cookout mentioned above, so please give him a call for your room Friday night. CallĀ 785.282.6644 or visit

15 Riders Complete Smackdab #1!


On June 20th, 2015, Fifteen riders (14 bikes plus one co-rider) completed the very first Smackdab ride. Riders rode individually or in groups of two or three, taking anywhere from 12 to 15 hours to complete the run; some riders were more serious about making good time, others took a more relaxed pace and stopped more often, but everyone arrived well before sundown. The oldest rider was 75 years old! The weather was perfect up until about 8:30 PM, when a brief shower drenched the last 20-30 miles of the route, punishing the last few riders for dawdling as they rode into town.


A big thanks to Lebanon resident Kent Kennedy for showing up before 5:30 AM to see us off, and for Joseph Pelt, editor of the Pierce Country Tribune for being there at 10 PM to take our picture in Rugby. Only twelve riders are in the finisher’s photo because one rider headed further down the road before the 10PM dusk patch-and-picture ceremony, and 2 speedy riders had fallen asleep in their hotel room!

The rider and bike profiles broke down this way:

Kansas 7
Nebraska 3
Missouri 2
Colorado 2
Tennesee 1
Can-Am 4
Harley-Davidson 1
Honda 1
Suzuki 1
Victory 1
Yamaha 1